Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse: Aries Full Moon October 2014


So here comes our blood moon - the full moon in Aries this month, and also a lunar eclipse following closely after the peak. The energy of the Libra-Aries moon is very interesting, when I drew cards for the energy of the moon, it shows such perfect balance that brings us back to the archetype of the basics - masculine and feminine, life and death, aries and libra. 

On this moon cycle we have to be reminded that we are all fractals in the universe, we are all whole and complete, the polarity and duality exists within all of us. There are masculine and feminine in every god, and also every goddess. When we are looking at our feminine and masculine, when you get to see them on a deeper level, you will realize it is impossible to separate them. In the masculine part of us there are masculine and feminine and the same goes for the feminine part of us, so there goes our fractal existence.

For the feminine energy, the goddess part, I have got Baba Yaga and Isis; for the masculine or the god part I got Eros and Anubis. It is interesting because you can truly see the merge of the masculine and feminine here. Baba Yaga brings our the fear in us - similar to what Kali does to us. We question our true selves, we suppress and deny out true selves thinking it will not appeal to anyone - and funny enough, this is a way to survive, in a Libra way. Baba Yaga brings us authenticity - the Aries energy, the so called masculine energy in a Goddess form. But it is so much more than masculine energy. As goddesses we have to search for our authenticity, to strive for our truth, no matter how frightening that will be to other people, or even threatening to some at times. You define your authenticity and your truth, no one else will do that. And that is what the feminine can learn form the Aries energy - it is time to show our true selves, the feminine is fierce, in a sense that we inflict fear in the patriarchic society, in all our collective wounded masculine and feminine. It is time to really allow our authentic feminine to step up. The patriarchic society has always feared death - but alas to eliminate death is to eliminate life, and thus the flow. What is life without death? What is truth without authenticity? On this full moon in Aries - be with your feminine, ask yourselves - do you feel safe to be authentic? To be who you truly are? Isis the Mother understands life and death, if we embrace death, understand that creation and destruction are ultimately of the exact same energy, what is there to fear? They are equally authentic.

Both Aries and Libra strive for survival - in opposite ways. One attacks and tries to win every competition, another withdraws every competition and wants nothing but harmony everywhere they go. Eros come and ask us - why is love always associated with the fluffy, light sensation? Love is all that is, love is strength, love is boundary, love is masculine, love is fierce and soft, love does not necessarily equal to harmony. We human seek so desperately for love because in love judgement ceases to exist. It is that peace and freedom that we are searching for. Love is being yourself, doing everything for yourself first and foremost - before we focus on the harmony of the environment. How do you love? Why do you love? What is love? Only you can find your truth. What is love to a Libra approach? Or an Aries approach? What is the masculine aspect in love? 

Anubis, the God of death has come up with Isis, both representing protection. They are questioning us: do you feel safe to be authentic? Do you feel safe to love with all the deep sensitivities you have been hiding from people and yourselves? The true protection comes from power, and power comes when you understand the flow. There is nothing to fear, look death in the eyes and you will transcend fear. Understand that the fear of death is in the collective human consciousness, it is natural to be afraid, but know that it is all an illusion, and it is time to break it and see with new clarity.

Death is love. Fear is love. All is love. How can it not be? Close your eyes. And listen.

All is well.