Taurus-Scorpio May 2014


With Pachamama's ancient knowledge and wisdom, our sprays are created according to moon phases, and different batches contain different energies of a particular moon phase, so the energy each batch carries will vary slightly, please feel free to choose the batch that resonates with you the most.

Our first batch was created under the Taurus-Scorpio moon in May 2014. Taurus-Scorpio moon is a great energy for bringing the masculine and the feminine to the physical -  the doing and the sexual, emotional flow manifested through our physical bodies. We have experienced much transcendence and transformation energetically for months, and during this Taurus-Scorpio moon phase it is time to bring it down to the Mother Earth, to really manifest it in our daily lives. The bull and the scorpion have really helped us understand what it means when these shifts are manifested physically: the action needed to be taken, and the emotions and the darkness we need to go through and accept in order to fully accept and love who we are.

Strongly representing the Masculine and Feminine energy on a physical level, we have created these sprays with love and light, hoping to share our experiences and insights through this bottle of magic. You can fully immerse yourselves in the Taurus-Scorpio energy contained in these sprays whenever you want to, for energies is timeless and spaceless, we have bottled this magic to share with all those who resonate with these beautiful creations, to assist you on your path.