Lion Gateway August 2014

On 8/8 the Lion Gaeyway has begun. The aquarius full moon on 10/8 followed closely after the surge of energy began coming onto the earth. We are feeling the potency of this Leo-Aquarius moon since the new moon in Leo on 26/7, when we all felt a need to renew, release and show our true colours. It is really what Leo's about - showing one's true colours, expressing oneself regardless. We have gone through traumas and pain to come to this stage, where we are called to come into the light and show humanity the way. It is about shining our light, and also about true leaders and teachers stepping up at this time. 

Whatever wound that resides in you is ought to surface and be brought under the spotlight - it is a time that we can no longer ignore what we have always turned blind to. It is time to see, sense, feel and express the wholeness of you, to accept all parts of you unconditionally. Unconditional acceptance of self is true surrender, and it is where power lies. Power comes from recognising yourself, comes from acknowledging who you are, and to truly believe in manifestation - we create our reality.

It is time to reconnect with our soul family, for experiencing heart connection is vital to our wellbeing, it is essential for us to pay love forward. You always have a choice, you can stay where you are as long as you want, but always remember to reconnect with your true essence - what is it that your soul truly wants? Reconnect with the passion and innocence within, for answer lies nowhere but within. 

It is time to step into the new phase with the potency of the super full moon - truly a time to reconnect with the Divine Feminine, and bring it to balance with the Divine Masculine, rediscover yourselves, surprise yourselves, know that your existence is infinite, you are full of possibilities. Imagine your perfect life, and know that you can create the perfect life you want. We are truly bringing heaven on earth through the Lion Gate's energy. The Lion's Gate is only the beginning, and now we are to plant this seed of ours, and surrender to the universe. As long as we have planted our seeds, everything else will be taken care of. All we need to do is to know clearly what we want.

Under the full moon we have created the long-awaited spray of ours, which has abundant Goddess/Shakti energy. It will help you to come back to the centre, reconnect with your heart, where the source of love and source of existence is. Mary Magdalene, Aphorodite and Zeus have helped us accomplish the spray, it is perfectly balanced with feminine and masculine energy, with potent and abundant feminine expression. Reconnect with the creativity and imagination within and bring it to the physical realm through the masculine energy. We are all Gods and Goddesses, experience the divinity of just be with the infinite love from the universe.