Reading for 2014: The Year of The Horse/Unicorn


The Year of Horse in Chinese Lunar Calendar starts on 31/1/14, and it is also a year of 7, where we are to find our own path, to find our own work of light, to find our truth and to gallop. Last year 2013 was the year of snake (we are still in the year of snake, but it's coming to an end), much healing, transformation and growth has taken place, our process has accelerated like never before. Now is the times where energies are changing so rapidly that anything is truly possible. 

From last year's experience, I have realised that setting an intention, or a theme for the coming year is very important for oneself. Last year on the Chinese New Year, I drew a card and it was Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess for Medicine Women. I then decided to embrace my healing ability fully, without knowing exactly what lies ahead for me. The major healing and transformation, the shedding skin, the winds of the South and the Winds of the West that dominated most of my year of snake, has truly manifested my intention: to become a healer, to embrace my divinity through my vessel, I have to foremost heal myself. 

During the year of snake, I have learnt that the snake before and after shedding skin are both beautiful and unique, shedding skin is not better than not shedding skin, it is merely a choice. Souls cannot be divided, consciousness is like flowing water, we can remove the blockages between the flow, to let the water flow more smoothly, and it is also ok if we choose to leave the blockages there. Souls before healing are just as perfect as the souls after healing, because there is no imperfect souls, and no souls are truly fragmented.

I am called to draw cards for the year of horse, to see what lies ahead for all of us, especially for the torchbearers. Since it is not yet officially the year of horse, I will also draw a card to see the energy of February (since Chinese New year is on 31/1/14, to look into the first month of the Horse.

Reading for 2014 the year of Horse/Unicorn Gods & Titans Oracle + Goddesses & Sirens Oracle by Stacey Demarco

Reading for 2014 the year of Horse/Unicorn
Gods & Titans Oracle + Goddesses & Sirens Oracle by Stacey Demarco


I have used the two decks because the balance of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine is a very significant theme in the coming year. While this year the Sacred Feminine is awakened, both feminine and masculine have to be healed and grow, so they can learn to appreciate and merge with each other. In the coming year of Horse/Unicorn, action is going to speak louder than words, and solar plexus becomes an utmost important aspect that we have to pay attention to. We have to understand that by doing our own work alone, without succumbing to others' opinion or criticism, is the way to truly bring people together, and expand the potential of your own work. Most of us have traumatised throat chakra, and we feel like it is time for us to express through our throat, and stand up for ourselves. While that is true, we have to also act according to our words, for people believe you more when they see what you are doing, more than when they listen to your words. Words and actions have to work together, and always remember there are various forms to express yourself. Keep our focus on pleasing ourselves, because there is no one else to please other than ourselves. Always remember the beauty of your own work, and keep pleasing yourself and no one else, form there you will find true strength and no need to explain yourself to others.

Most of us will continue our journey into the darkness in the year of Horse/Unicorn, to find our purity within we must go into the darkest places, the deepest places within, face all the fear and distrust of our own. Because the darkest features in us have the purest elements in them. They will be defensive, it will be hard, but who are we talking about - it's Hades! Just always remembering, love is the answer to all, ultimately Hades only wanted love and understanding, so have compassion for our darkness, because they are part of us. The more defensive you feel these shadows get, the more fragile the thing they are protecting, and thus more compassion. We also have to remember the difference between sympathy and compassion - we do not have to put ourselves the last, we have to always stay centred, remember we are all equal, you see yourself in darkness, and see their urge for love and understanding, then you will see we are all one, light and darkness. You will find light in darkness, and darkness in light, that's the beauty of oneness. True power comes when you embrace all of you.

Inner power has been a major theme, and will continue to test us, especially for setting our own boundaries for light workers, star seeds, empaths and healers. It is time to let the past wounds and trauma go, forgive yourselves, you don't have to punish yourself endlessly, have compassion for yourself, you are always perfect and only bear your own responsibility, don't beat yourself up for others' happiness. only be responsible for yourself, and when a choice is done, embrace it. We have to stay centred and always ask ourselves -  where does our honour stand? Sometimes we have to get hurt and let new cells regenerate, but we don't have to believe in victimhood. We are never sacrificing, we are simply making choices, and being responsible for our choices, is where our power comes. Power doesn't mean to control, in fact, let your wildness out, because there is where the authority lies, it is where you learn unconditional self-acceptance.

When we start to awaken our divinity, usually we will first turn to Sacred Feminine, which has long been suppressed, denied and banished. But as you allow your creativity life-force flow, you will see that Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine are stronger together, because the more you awaken the masculine and feminine with you, the more you realise they are inseparable and one. There is resilience in strength, power in compassion (yes compassion is more powerful when you set your boundaries and use your discernment).

Reading fro February 2014, the official first month of the Year of Horse/Unicorn  Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

Reading fro February 2014, the official first month of the Year of Horse/Unicorn

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish


The reading for February 2014 excites me!! Time to see our own reflection people! Drystan serves as our perfect reflection, our mirror. The beginning of the Year of Horse/Unicorn is the best time to look deeper into our shadow, as mentioned above. If we wish to fulfil our larger potential, this is an essential step that we must take. What have you been avoiding looking into? What have you shied away from in 2013? There is no better time to embrace your shadow in the first month of the Year of Horse/Unicorn. Your reflection is not evil, it is not cruel, it is not trying to make you suffer, it is merely the truth. Look beyond that reflection, find your truth.

And there concludes my reading for the Year of Horse/Unicorn. It is an amazing energy for 2014 I simply cannot wait!