Dark Goddess coming out to play


as i delve deeper into myself, seeing all the different facets, i suddenly find myself in a place where i crave deep connection. And deep isn't sufficient to describe the level of connection i'm craving for. It almost feels like the feminine in me is a devourer, ready for anyone to challenge me for a bottomless connection. 

And I know no one will need the direction in feminine, because you will be mesmerised and only flow in there. You cannot tell if it's up or down, left or right. 

And if you be in there long enough, you will realize there is not only rainbow in this pitch dark space. There are all kinds of patterns, colours, textures. 

And this bottomless connection cannot be forced, I know. It is unlike any desperation based on ego, any possessiveness that wants to own another person. It is the urge to show my deepest sensitivities, the darkest secrets to the one ready to go that deep with me. 

When i suddenly realize that what's enough for the others is what still stays on the surface for me, I feel the devourer in me awakening. The dragon, the serpentine, my Lola, they are more than a sleepy peep this time, they are yawning and stretching, ready for a blast.

I am hungry for connection. Heart connection. and nothing's deep enough for me. The web of life is to be reestablished and be reseen in every eye, the web of life is to be reborn in every womb. We are not going to devour your individuality, or your freedom, but any blocks to genuine heart connection. 

See it, learn it, feel it. 
Go deeper, deeper, deeper,
and know there's never an end to it.