Samhain & Beltane: the gift of feminine on Halloween

It's Samhain in Northern hemisphere and Beltane in Southern hemisphere, that left me thinking about the relations between the two. If you think about it, they are not much of a difference. Samhain marks the end of the summer, Beltane the beginning of summer. Funny isn't it? It comes full circle when you take a global perspective. 

Samhain isn't much a difference from Beltane, because ultimately the Feminine is all about life, death and rebirth. All about creation and destruction. Samhain symbolises the final harvest and a new year to come, after the death winter brings. Beltane celebrates life and abundance with the Green Man. What's so different about celebrating the death and life? To me they're almost incomplete without the other. 

The feminine is the devourer, the destroyer, when life ends you go back to the mother, to the darkness, to oneness. The feminine is also the life bringer, the creation, the nurturer, and when life is born light is shone. But at the end of the day, both light and darkness are feminine, because cycles are feminine. We come full circle. Birth, life, death, rebirth, cycles. 

On this day I am experiencing the energy of both Samhain and Beltane, with massive halloween celebration here in Sydney, at the same time the inevitable whispering of the arrival of summer. But is it that much of a difference? The celebration of life and the celebration of death, coming from the same portal. To me it almost feels the same. Almost like getting injured and getting healed, the process is the same, only reversed in the other. 

With Samhain and Beltane, it is the best time to fully immerse in the feminine energy, the darkness, the abundance, the life, the death, the rebirth, the eternity of all these.

It is the best time to play with the Dark Goddess, as the Feminine is both life and death.