Priestess Soul Retrival - Avita

Before I started the meditation, I had had great resistance towards the journey. I cannot explain why, but fear was growing endlessly in my body. After asking for the company of the elders and the elementals, I finally embarked on this journey.

I closed my eyes and started seeing a lot of women's sad and devastated faces, I knew they were all me, and I asked for one specific soul to retrieve, and then suddenly I was located at the top of something like a very deep well. There was a woman down there, and there was a pole in the middle of this well, connecting to the entrance on top, there was nothing at the top of the well, no cage or barrier, so it seemed easy enough to escape. The woman was wearing a shabby white robe and had her hair covering her face. She sat there, silent, lifeless, motionless. I soon realised that the huge pole located in the middle of the well was to add to her hopelessness; the pole made it seem like there was a chance to escape from this well, but they made it impossible to climb the pole. Knowing the function of the pole I realised she could fly, so I looked for her wings, but she had her wings cut off. Her wings weren't physical, but freedom and hope were her wings. So this particular cell, with the pole, had cut her wings off.


I approached her silently, in golden and rainbow light. She saw me and she was still motionless and silent, her eyes empty, not knowing how she should act and what she should say. I felt her hopelessness and the void within, I cried and I told her, 'You are divine. You are forever divine. There is hope. Let's merge and fly.' Then I merged into her and we flew to the top of the well. She had forgotten how to fly so I had supported her to get used to what she was born to do. We flew to the light all the other priestesses had created, the mesmerising swirl of light, her heart became lighter when she saw that she could really get out of the well. We flew with the others for a while then we flew to the sky, and landed on the ground.

She was finally smiling, her eyes were now bright blue and clear. We now have a strong bond between us, and we knew the stream of energy between would never be blocked. I asked her what she had been doing flying all the time, she told me she spread hope and freedom when she was flying, and she was also doing some work with feathers. Before she started flying away she told me her name was Avita.

Thank you, Avita.



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After the meditation I drew another card and #Aine came in. Basically she was telling me what I told Avita!!!

"Never need you fear again those have done you harm." 
"This is over, and never again will disrespect and tyranny blight your path and light." 
"I repeat. You are safe. You are protected. You are divine. All else is a lie." 
"Aine defies those who tell us our form of spirituality must fit in" 
"She now returns, and she regards us all as innocent."
"Allow yourself to take flight, and explore the night and the freedoms it holds." 

Thank you thank you thank you.


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Was drawing another card post-retrieval and i just wow-ed at this card. Feels like this message have to go out to all the priestesses and priests reading this, it's a message for us all.

"Everything will transform and nothing will be certain, because we are in the times of prophecy." 
"Stop waiting for the right time, because it is NOW that the action must take place." 
"Will you shift the consciousness - will you change, deliberately, despite the others who tell you you are wrong?" 
"The time is NOW - that is all you need to know - but there is so much more that you should do." 
"Do not wait another heartbeat." 

Thank you thank you thank you.