Dowsing a Pendulum

I would love to share my experience of dowsing a pendulum to access to our sub-consciousness. Our sub-consciousness contains information about our memories including past lives, our true emotions towards a particular incident. A pendulum is an excellent tool to activate the right brain which is responsible for creativity, emotions and intuition. Practice makes perfect. The more we use a pendulum, the increase in psychic development. You eventually just KNOW the answer without the presence of the pendulum.

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is simply a weighted object with a chain (approximately 5-6cm long). There are a range of crystal and metal pendulums available in metaphysical shops. I personally resonate with quartz pendulums and my first pendulum is a an amethyst crystal. Surely, you need to cleanse the crystal before dowsing in order to match your own vibration. I carry my pendulum in my bag at all times.

How to choose your pendulum?

There are a range of pendulums made with different shapes and materials. To choose the one that benefits your highest good, ignore the outer looks. Close your eyes for a moment to center your mind, open your eyes and look at the pendulums on the display. The first one that jumps out of your eyes is THE ONE. In my experience, my first pick without thinking is always the best for my higher self. When I shopped for my first pendulum with my friend, I found MY pendulum within a minute. My friend who did not familiar with intuition picked hers for a long while. She ended up giving up getting one as none of her pick swinging properly. I had fun playing with my pendulum and I told her my experience, we came back to the shop and picked hers again. This time she followed my opinion and she just did her first pick without considering if she liked the colour and the shape of the pendulum or not. She tested and it went well. 

Before dowsing the pendulum, you need to know your YES and NO responses. The pendulum swings either clockwise, anti-clockwise, left and right, forward and backward, and diagonally. Each person has his or her own swinging patterns for a YES and a NO.

See the following steps to determine your own YES and NO:

1. Hold the end of the chain with your thumb and index fingers pointing downward from your dominant hand.

2. Rest your elbow on a table to ensure an accurate dowsing outcome.

3. Look at the pendulum and say "show me yes". The pendulum swings on its own.  Jot down your YES swinging pattern. My YES response is swinging anti-clockwise.

4. Stop the pendulum and then say "show me no". The pendulum swings with another pattern. Jot down your NO response. My NO swings forward and backward. 

5. You can also ask your pendulum to show you the NOT SURE swing. My NOT SURE swings diagonally from top left hand corner to bottom right hand corner.

To test your pendulum, think of a question which you know the answer is a YES. i.e. Is today Monday?  Am I a boy/girl? Likewise, ask the pendulum a question which you know the answer is a NO.  When your testing is all good. You are ready to ask questions with unknown answers on your conscious level.

Be specific when asking questions. Closed questions are the basic requirements as the answers are either YES, NO and NOT SURE. A question like "is it going to rain?" is not considered as specific. It is a closed question obviously. However, of course it is going to rain one day in the future. How far in the future do you want to know if it is going to rain or not? Today? Tomorrow? Two days later? Be specific!! To modify the question, you can ask "Is it going to rain today between 12pm to 5pm?" as the time frame is set.

I will share more thoughts about pendulum dowsing on other posts.

Happy dowsing!