Ego vs Intuition for Pendulum Dowsing

While I was having fun dowsing my first pendulum, I started to get confused as my answers were no longer accurate. How did I find out?

Although it was a bit embarrassing, I still want to share with you who may also experience the similar situation. One day, a guy asked me for a date. I was very excited about this and I was curious about what would happen after the dinner date. Therefore, I dowsed my pendulum to get more insights about what may happen on that night. I got YES to all the questions, for example, where we may go and what we may do, I may stay over in his apartment overnight etc. After the dinner date, we had other activities but none of the activities being asked was happening. What went wrong with my pendulum dowsing?

I searched for advice from my mentor. She said to me that my ego was controlling the dowsing results as I was expecting the answers. Then I just recalled that I could actually control the way the pendulum swings, i.e. anti-clockwise, left and right, stop, etc.  Indeed, there are situations in which our ego easily conquers our intuition such as job interview. Of course you want to get the job after the interview. Your desire to succeed in the job interview leads the pendulum to give you a yes response. If you are not allowing yourself to accept any possibilities, you cannot achieve an accurate dowsing result. After trial and error for a number of times, I have concluded the following situations which are not suitable for pendulum dowsing:

1. You are physically unwell.

2. You have negative energies in your aura.

3. You have entity attachment. Entities hold their thought forms which impact on the accuracy of dowsing.

4. You do not feel calm. The sense of fear outweighs your intuition, which means that you are not connecting to your higher self.

5. You dowse in a crowded environment.

All in all, the listed circumstances lead to the same result-- YOU ARE NOT CENTERED. When you are not centered, it would be difficult to connect to the subconscious mind and thus our higher selves. For situation number 1, you'd better wait until you feel well. For situation number 4, you can meditate until you feel a sense of calmness. To test whether you are ready to dowse, you can ask the following questions to your higher self via the pendulum:

1. State what I want to do. i.e. I want to dowse.

2. "Can I do it?"

3. "May I do it?"

4. "Am I ready to do it?"

5. "Am I connecting to my higher self?"

5. "Am I getting 100% correct answers?"

6. "Is my ego level below 4%?"

If you receive a NO response from any questions above, ask you guides to clear and shield. when you guides are working with you, the pendulum will swing either clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending on the individual's vibration. Until the pendulum stops to swing, it indicates that your request has been accomplished. You can repeat the questions to check if the answers are all YES. If not, ask your guides to clear and shield for you again. Don't forget to say THANK YOU to your guides once they have done the job.