A creative being

Growing up alongside an extremely artistic sibling I have always denied the creative part of me due to constant comparison (by myself). In where I was born (Hong Kong), people think creative persons are rare, you have to be extraordinary to be called 'creative' or 'artistic'. Seeing the high standard of being allowed to be called 'creative' I hid and doubted my own creative force. Surely you can only become an artist if you are really good at it, few are creative and among the creative ones not all can become artists. I used to think if you are a creative person then you ought to get a job where your talents are utilised.

I grew up with Disney and I was obsessed with the magical world it presented. As I grew Ursula the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid became my favourite character.


There was once I took some photos of my ursula soft toy and created a funny story about what really happened behind the scene, and gradually developed a series of ursula story which told about her life. I showed it to my sister and she said I was 'creative'. 

Imagine my reaction.

I was complimented by the most artistic person I knew! A creative person said I was creative! How could that be? (and FYI, my sister will never lie just to make me happy) I shied away from that compliment and didn't respond, simply because I was overwhelmed by disbelief.

I have always known that my drawings are child-like, and I thought it was because I wasn't 'artistic' or it wasn't 'developed'. So I never bothered to draw. Until one day, when I thought to myself, it wouldn't hurt if I draw something, I can keep it to myself if I don't want to show it to anyone. Then I started drawing, but after I have finished, I couldn't care less about how bad it looked, I just wanted to share the joy of creating something. The more I shared, the more I want to draw, and the more I draw, the less I need others' approval.

My drawing just a year ago, it was drawn by my non-dominant hand, but I would say it wouldn't make much difference even if I used my dominant hand.

My drawing just a year ago, it was drawn by my non-dominant hand, but I would say it wouldn't make much difference even if I used my dominant hand.


Eventually, I realised one thing. How silly of me to think that there is a person who is not creative. We are all creative beings, because we are born through creation. Our very existence is creation. How can creation not be creative? We are all created, and we are born with it, this creative flow.

Usually when people live a hectic life, especially a cosmopolitan lifestyle, we will stop being creative, because we would think we have no time for that. But it doesn't have to be something big, a simple idea, a sentence slipped out can be your creativity. Contrary to what people think, creativity energises and nourishes us, instead of taking up our time and energy. When we lose touch of it, we become dry and drained and grow less interested in our lives day by day. We have all forgotten, being creative is not about being good, being creative is being you, and you are a being so vast that cannot be judged by the concept of duality.

Creativity doesn't have to be good, or look good, but it sure does good to everyone, because through expressing ourselves we thrive to life. You know what is vital to life-force in every being? Flow. It's all about the flow. Both life and death comes from flow. Without a flow there is only stagnation, and life does not exist on stagnation. When you express your creativity you allow the flow in you to come into life again. One can try to judge the flow, like one would judge or deny one's creativity like I did, but in flow there is no duality, there is only integration, you cannot say a flow is better than the other. Therefore I said there is no such thing as good creativity or bad creativity, or if one's creative or one's not. As long as you are a living being, then you are a creative being.

Let the beautiful creature does its dance of life. Create away!