Dark Light: New moon in Pisces/Equinox

We are limitless.
When the dark light emerges, it is in darkness that we see.
Have your mind experienced your infinite nature?
We are beyond words, we are beyond dimensions.
We are possibilities.

We have travelled a long way to come here. We chose to experince this dimension because it benefits us the most. Our lessons are here and not elsewhere. Other dimensions are not better or worse. 
See other planes on this plane. And experience vastness in this density.

All that we ever desire comes from our truth.
We don’t have to be anything. 
In fact we don’t need to figure out ourselves. Because we don’t have to chase.
be here, in the centre, in your heart, and we know our being.

We expand. We don’t have to be anything. Because we can be everything we want.

Travellers, wanderers, visitors, rest. Rest in your heart now. Experience stillness there, and we experience our being. 

Immerse in this spring/autumn equinox. Where energies swirl and become chaotic, where changes occur, where possibilities thrive. It is in here that we are reborn. Connect, and sync. We are all.