Lone Wolf & Full Moon

The full moon called to my lone wolf. I responded. I centred myself and express my desire to meet my lone wolf.

I saw her quickly emerged from the shadow, she was beautiful with silvery white fur, watching me with crystal-clear eyes. I saw her. Then I hugged her and started crying. I wasn't even sure if it was the joy of reunion, or the pain of separation, or the regret of neglecting her. 

She was calm, offering comfort with her fluffy silvery-white hair. I kept whispering 'i love you', pouring my heart and tears out. The more I cried, the more I felt she was truly me. And eventually I whispered, 'I love me.' She smiled and told me I was loved, I was ready. 

There was a magnetic force between us. I knew we were going to merge. I asked fearfully, 'do you want to merge?' Before I finished the question, she gave me the answer. There was no merging, because I am her, and she is me. 

She told me, we connected solely by the heart, and when we were connected, there was no merging or separation, we just were one. 

'It is the heart.' She said. I understood what she meant. When I tried to explain, I lost words. Words cannot describe how the heart manifested our being. It is indeed the heart. When I surrendered and allowed myself to connect with my heart, she came into my forehead.

'Let me guide your steps, trust me with your path.' Then her head came out of my forehead, leading the way. Soon it wasn't enough. I felt a tingle in me and knew it was the signal. Then I shapeshifted into her, my lone wolf. 

My senses heightened. I see different colours, shapes and geometries. They showed me the way my heart desired. To the right. And I ran. I saw my pack, but I knew it was not time to go join them yet. I needed to fully experience me. I could smell my path.

When my limbs and mind stopped flying, my lone wolf told me, 'You are ready. Let me lead the way. It is ok if we make mistakes. It helps us to see our true heart and our true desire.' I left that place, opened my eyes and looked at the full moon.

Thank you for taking me for a walk, my lone wolf.