So beautiful it hurts: The beauty in all

I was told to walk in the labyrinth. And so I started walking in circles. I was barefoot, my sole against layers of fallen leaves resting on the earth. It crunched on my every step. At first I was scared of getting my feet dirty, but it wasn't long before I realized that these leaves and bits and pieces of the dead parts of the forest are gently cushioning my feet. 

'Everything serves a purpose, even if you don't see it.'

I nodded. Negatives aren't so negative. And being fully present on my every step, I progressed to the second circle. Ah there it comes again. It was as if I was starting all over again, seeing the same things as I saw from the beginning. But I was not in the first circle, it just felt like I went back to the starting point and had to do it all over again. I was treading with my full attention on my feet. I came to a stone, and I looked carefully between the plant litter, and a red spider caught my eyes. It was moving between the leaves. I watched it for a few minutes, feeling its world fully.

And then it struck me: the whole point of the spider is being a spider. And it goes the same for everything else. Why being in nature is so soothing is because everything in nature is being themselves and nothing else. They are exactly themselves.

'See things as they are.'

See without judgment, without filters. See that things are just as they are. See without filters and we are liberated, because it has been our mind imprisoning us all along.

I continued to crunch the fallen leaves, and I came to the centre of the labyrinth. I sat down, and felt the forest talking to me. I inhaled, filled my lungs with the luscious air, feeling the infinite space to be exactly myself like everything else in the nature. 

Then I became one with Mother Earth, we shared one pulse, one flow, and I felt a voice rose within me. I sang, from the deepest chamber of my heart, from the deep connection with Mother Earth, I sang the song of the cry of the women. The song wants to be sung. I felt the rush of the cry of women flowing through me, and at a point I was crushed, I was so overwhelmed and I became the cry of the women. 

When I started to sing again, I felt strength in my voice. The women wanted to be heard, to be expressed. When the cry was expressed, the strength and the power followed. I sang not for Mother Earth, but for humanity. It was humanity's cry, not Mother Earth's. When I see things as they are, I allow the flow. It was judgment that froze movement. But judgment was love mucked up, for if it wasn't for judgment how could we be lost and found again?

With the strength in my voice, I made a decision for myself. I walked out of the labyrinth, feeling the power that as long as I see my truth, it doesn't matter where I am at on my journey, because I will always be at the centre.

To see with your heart, is to see the truth, it will melt all the illusion, even our own judgments. And when we are ready to see with out heart, our soul will bring us there.