Experiencing All


It is the age of the unknown. For what we knew is no longer supporting us. Even for spiritual people, some ideas and concepts are too rigid to stay on Earth now that heaven on earth is thrusting upon us. Building protective measures, the mindset of separation will fall away. The more we ascend, the more we are grounding ourselves. The more truth you see, the more you see every single details of your physical life is indeed an immediate reflection of our thoughtforms and vibration. We no longer need protection against anything, we flow with frequencies and wherever we arrive, we influence our surroundings by staying centred and knowing absolutely who we are. 

Knowing who we are doesn't mean giving a title to ourselves, knowing who we are means we know what frequencies we are bringing to this time and space, and having absolute knowing that our frequencies are unique. That is how we can come back to ourselves again and again, for getting lost is not scary, but adventurous, something to be looking forward to. To be washed over by our darkness and be burnt by our own white fire, we come to this place of seeing the truth about our reality. No longer are we the powerless helpless ones waiting for someone to protect us or give us a home or give us love, we become empowered knowing that nothing in this world can take it from us, knowing that all we need has been there all along, knowing that there is nothing we need to do but flow with our truth.

See how you connect with others when you come to your truth. Truth allows space, and connection can only thrive with space. The balance between being oneself and connecting with others, lies in knowing ourselves and having compassion to others.

"Do you give others the permission not to like your boundaries?" 

We can blame, but not for long. Soon we will see how we are creating moment to moment in our lives, and everything in our reality is a manifestation of what we want. When you can see through the duality, all that is left is freedom of infinity.