Diana Azuk-Xiriel has been working with cards for 10 years, she has her unique way of working with cards. Card decks are a tool she uses for channeling, using card decks as a starting point, she will be able to expand her channeling ability and connect with you guides and Higher Self, in order to obtain any messages and information that you need to know. You will find that some information provided cannot be found in the cards, because those are channeled messages.

When Diana receives your request, she will intuitively pick the card decks for you, usually 3 or more decks (she has more than 25 decks), sometimes runes will also be used. Diana uses oracle cards, angel cards and tarots, she is familiar with every card deck she owns, and knows the energy for each so she will know which ones will be the best for your energy. She believes card decks develop individuality depending on how the card reader uses them, while respecting the individuality of different card decks she believes card decks are nothing but a tool to gain access to your inner divinity; therefore she insists on using the cards intuitively and never limits herself  how she uses the card decks.

You don't have to ask a question if you don't have one, Diana will tune into your energy, and tell you what you soul, your guides and your Higher Self want to tell you. If there are beings who wish to communicate with you urgently a direct channeled message will be included.

Questions you can ask:

  • What kind of galactic energies you are working with? (sometimes will not be answered depending on what is for the Highest Good of the person)
  • What are the guidances I need now/ What do I need to know now?
  • What messages your angels and guides would like me to know?
  • What are my karma challenges
  • What are my life purposes?
  • More daily-life questions like relationships and careers, e.g. I have broken up with my partner and feel very lost, what should I do?

Diana believes that no matter what kind of questions you are asking, she can help you see it from within and see your life with more clarity.

You will receive a report which will be 2 pages (A4 typed up) or more for distant readings, if you are in Sydney Australia you can also choose to do the readings in person. You can ask up to 3 questions of any kind.

All readings will contain healing frequencies and energies that will help you awaken your Divine Feminine.


Any enquiry please contact us.


What people say...


That was an amazing reading, thank you so much for the validation it pretty much is everything I've come up with on my own, but I'm not secure in my own knowing to be sure if its coming from a soul source or just my imagination. Your great and I love the pictures that's a nice touch thank you.


Thank you so much! Wow. You hit it right on the head...especially with the creativity part. Thank you so much...your gift that you share is amazing. I really, really felt this reading! Much love to you. 


Thank you so much for taking the time out to help! I really really appreciate it. Wow...Everything you said is exactly what I have been feeling for days or in fact months. Your reading has made me feel so much more better, I can't describe it to you in words. Thank you. 


Thank you so much...your reading has guided me back to what I was supposed to be doing. I will also take your advice and allow myself to express my feminine energy... Thank you VERY much...you have a beautiful gift...thank you for sharing your powerful gift with me and others.


Wow. Just wow. You are spot on with that reading!! Thank you so much for it. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me so much. I think I understand now. I think its great that you've pointed this out cause ive been stuck lately. Thanks again. Xoxo


Truly amazing and very uplifting for me ... I really want to cry out when reading your message . [...] Once again , thank you for your reading ! I really appreciate your help to me .... Sending you great wishes and love and light ....... 

Vy Ta 

thank you Diana, this message was very authentic and truly will help in the long run. This what I needed to hear/read, pertaining to my life and specifically pointed out areas that needed my attention and what I needed to develop within myself (inner love and compassion). I will follow their guidance and will later today try to contact Lady Kwan Yin. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us Diana


Thank you very much Diana i am intrigued by your reading and it definitely resonates with me, It has come at the right time for me and for that i am very grateful. 


Wow! Diane, that reading was truly amazing and very accurate!!! Your reading has helped immensely. Thank you so much!!!