A spray that help you connect with the galactic energies, and also help you ground and anchor the energies into the earth and bring it to a cellular level.

  • cleanses aura, crystals and space
  • helps grounding
  • helps release and relieve emotional baggage
  • with elemental energies
  • Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian (rainbow rays) energies
  • infused with the channeled 9D symbol for grounding and help integrating shadow self

ingredients: sea water, australian bush flower essences (purifying), lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil


The water we use
We use sea water to make our sprays, because we feel that sea water has all the life force one needs for a perfect spray. We have asked water elementals to bless the water when we obtain it with love and gratitude for Mother Earth. All the sea water we use are energised with sacred geometry. We are considering going to different places to obtain different sea waters to make the sprays, stay tuned for limited editions of sprays that are made of different waters!


Light beings' energies
The sprays has been blessed with elementals' energies and also with Pleiadian, Sirian adn Arcturian (rainbow rays) energies. With these energies it will help you see from a different perspective and thus easier to release emotional baggages. 


Channeled symbols

Channeled 9D Grounding Symbol

Channeled 9D Grounding Symbol

The sprays are also perfect for clearing spaces, crystals, auras and grounding. The sprays are blessed by Emily Cranpeemo, who specializes in manifestation and prayers. Also, the sprays have been infused with channeled 9D symbol of grounding, which will also aid the flow of kundalini energy, thus self-love and self-acceptance. The symbol will assist you to look from higher perspectives.


Customized mandalas
Customized mandala is optional. If you have chosen the sprays with customized mandalas, I will tune into your energy and draw a mandala on the label for you. All of my customized mandalas are one of a kind for you because I am portraying your energy. These mandalas will also help energize the spray and it will become more in tune with you as you use it. Please be noted that we do send out refills to returning customers so you don't need to change the bottle that you get from the initial purchase. This is also for helping the environment and the elementals. 


AU$36 w/ customized mandala + shipping
AU$28 w/o customized mandala + shipping

please contact us for enquiry and ordering the product.