The essence of Feminine is lifeforce and movement - we dance, we give birth, we create, we destroy, we die. If you can see it, every stage of the cycle is beauty; for the feminine is the keeper of the cycle.
— Diana Wai Ying Ng


Beauty & Softness

Wanting to work with your divine feminine?

Feeling a call to reconnect the softness within you?

Having a desire to acknowledge your own unique beauty?

This high frequency Goddess essence could assist your journey to reconnect with your sacred feminine within.

Imagine a beautiful scent of rose is surrounding you, feel the softness within you, enjoy the sense of happiness and playfulness in this moment like a goddess.

A mild scent of eucalyptus essential oil has been added to send our greatest gratitude to the Aboriginal spirits which assist us with this beautiful co-creation.

We have received a lot of support and blessings from the nature spirits and the star nations in the process of the co-creation. As a result, you will be working with the following energies:


1.Goddess (Feminine Archetype)
We have infused the energy of Goddess archetype to help you see your own beauty, by igniting your creativity and sync with the universal creative life force, and to see the movement of life and the dance of life.


2.Venus & Jupiter
The energies of Venus and Jupiter help to bring in the balance of masculine and feminine. Venus gifts us the teaching of self-love, assists us with seeing beauty beyond dimensions. With the great lesson of self-nourishment, we re-orient our lives around us, instead of others' standards and expectations, we come back to ourselves and see that comparison is not needed in the magnificence of love. Jupiter helps us to build a foundation and vessel to allow who you are to come through in your physical body, to provide a a stage for the feminine to shine.


3.Rose & Peacock
Rose helps us to further bring beauty into the physical dimension, helps us remember that love is our birthright, with the sweet fragrance of rose we experience the expansion of infinite love that resides deep within us. Peacock, the bird of transformation, allows us to be proud to show off who we are without guilt and shame. 


4. Aboriginal Spirits
We brought in the energy from the Aboriginal Spirits to honour the native land of Australia. The Aborigines is sacred to act as a conduit between father sky and mother earth, they help us to see oneness and the delicate balance of feminine and masculine.



This essence has been made during full moon phases only, you can imagine how powerful the essence is.

The product design, from the choice of the glassbottle, the material of the atomizer to the label design can only assist the content with an expansion to its fullest potential.

Take a deep breathe. Feel the energy of this sweet Goddess essence. If Spirit calls you to work with this powerful essence, or you hear the calling from our divine creation, please do not hesitate to respond to their callings!!


Channeled symbols Infused

        Arcturian:   Balance, Freedom, Relaxation


Balance, Freedom, Relaxation



Channeled Light code


The color light codes printed on the label were of a very high frequency. If you focus on the codes, it will bring you to a portal that has access to the life force of a very high dimension,
which is neither masculine nor feminine.

You are welcome to feel the codes for the full benefit.


Suggestions to work with the sacred essence:

  • Spray over your aura before meditation. It helps to set your intention to connect with the Divine Feminine within,
  • Use the spray as a sacred offering in ceremonies (elemental LOVES this spray!)
  • Spray over your sacred space during the preparation of sessions or energy work to set an intention or to call upon any goddess energies whom you intend to work with, spray over the people who participate in the work as a form of blessings.
  • Spray over any space where you wish to bring softness and abundance.
  • Assist artists and creative people during their creative process
  • Provide support for people (especially women) when they feel lost touch with their softness, when they do not know how to receive, be soft and appreciate their own beauty


Sea water, Witch Hazel, 100% Pure Rose Essential Oil, 100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil


We suggest 50ml because it is easy to carry
If you will put this at home or use for sessions we suggest 100ml


AU$55 + shipping

AU$33 + shipping