Can you remember who you were,
before the world told you who you should be?
— Danielle LaPorte

Featured Mandala

Rebirth Creation

You don't need to seek for the answer. 
Everything alchemizes at your will.

We may think it is pain. 
That is the taste of life we have always abhorred.
But what is life without variety?
Existence is more than good and bad.

You are about to discover your power,
if you haven't already.

Talk to Hekate. Talk to Pele. Talk to Kali.
We are all scared. We have all taken the heat, we have all felt like we would never trust again. We have all thought it was impossible to heal. We have all had that moment when we thought darkness is gonna have us.

Well, let darkness have you. Let all those possibilities have you.

And then you are free to create.

Lunar Magick

Our Divine Sprays are created under different moon phase and thus vary slightly energetically, we will explain the difference between each batch and the energy and the themes of the moon phase under which the sprays are created.