Illumination is a shamanic healing method where we work on your chakras. We will find the energetic imprints in your luminous energy field (different from aura, hereinafter LEF), these imprints are directly linked to our traumatic and karmic experiences. We will track the imprints, locate them and clear them from your LEF. 

The illumination healing method comes from the descendants of the Inka, it will help you with releasing repetitive patterns, especially those that come from your ancestors/families. Negative energetic imprints will become blockages in your bodies, especially your emotional body. Upon clearing it this healing will help you manifest change in the physical realm. Stagnant energy will be cleared and your chakras will be treated with much love and care. This healing method is gentle yet powerful, we will only clear for your highest good, so we will only give you what you will feel comfortable integrating to your LEF.

What you can expect:
- shift in frequency in repetitive situations
- more clarity
- energised and 

Each session is about 60 minutes, we do not offer this distantly, so please only contact fi you are in Sydney Australia.