Diana: The Visionary & The Hyper-Volatile


Our lives start with an idea. Always an idea. What the visionary brings to you is the possibilities. With an idea we can develop it like no one else. Because we are like no one else. Being the visionary I envision to create a new plane of existence, a new space where it is free of judgment and morals. We need a space for creativity and inspiration to come forth like nothing you have experienced before. Be ready to be challenged. Your path doesn't begin with us, and it doesn't end here. 

I walk with integrity, offering the world the fullness of who I am. I offer customized mandalas infused with light language and codes, galactic codes, sound and colour healing, sacred geometry, shamanic healing sessions, card readings, mindbody constellation, etc. I use all these different tools to do one thing - to help you see your essence and sing your soul song. I will lead you see your light and darkness, and what you gain from the journey is all up to you.

Swiftness. Light. Colours. Sound. Sirius. And so much more. The hyper-volatile brings the Sirian technology to you, because we are ready. Everything is energy, and we have to see our reality with new perspectives. Again, morals and rules highly discouraged here. Be as mischievous, evil, fun, creative, genius, colourful, fickle as you want to be. Vision breathes with volatility. 

You are ready for new healing methods. These methods resonate with your heart, they sing from your heart, you have known them from other lifetimes. There will be remembrance. Come play with us, even just shoot an email to tell us we have nice asses (duh).