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ColorCodes Essence Present

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We are guided to have this beautiful co-creation, the sacred PRESENT divine essence created during new moon phases.

We are shamans and we have a strong connection to the nature, the elementals and the animal kingdom and the Angelic realms. As such, this divine essence has infused in the energies of

  • Pachamama or the Mother Earth for transcendence;
  • Archangel Michael for inner power strengthening;
  • Goddess Sekhmet for passion and courage;
  • dolphin, the divine love and inner child;
  • sachamama or the great serpent for kundalini flow, death and rebirth;
  • Great Eagle for pride and see challenge in a different perspective.
  • Galactic energies have also been infused in this divine essence: Sirians, Pleaidians, Arturians and Lyrans.

The star people who have their divine mission in the Earth planet will love this essence as they would feel 'home' and supported.

The PRESENT especially helps the sensitive people like the empaths who are easily attached to other energies that do not serve them. It helps grounding and protection. 

Ingredients: sea water, pure clove essential oil, pure lemon essential oil, pure sandalwood essential oil, purifying bush flower essence, witch hazel.

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