No mind is much employed upon the present; recollection and anticipation fill up almost all our moments.
— Samuel Johnson





Are you finding yourself difficult to hold your own energy in busy environments? Are you a sensitive soul who feels unprotected energetically? It is important to protect your energy fields and keep your aura clean at all times.

Do you find yourself not able to stay focused and make conscious choices? When you have a clean aura, you look brighter, you feel lighter, you feel determined and happier.

Are you an empath who easily absorbs other people's energies? For those who are still struggling with keeping your energy container tight, you may find yourself quite easy to get attached to dense energies and negative emotions from other people, you may feel drained and fatigue because you unconsciously open your energetic shields and therefore invite other energies to takeover you.

Are you finding yourself difficult to ground and want to go back "home"?

To stay in stillness can be a mission for life, when we work with our physical bodies instead of working against it, we will discover there is much gifts offered by our body - we work better, faster and more conscious. To manifest change we have to include and be conscious of our physical aspects, and this bottle of magick will help you with your becoming.

Uplifting & Grounding

To bring Heaven on Earth, it is utmost important for us to learn to stay in our physical bodies, and this beautiful essence is designed to assist us with achieving this, especially in our Dark Times. This essence serves the ultimate purpose of being in the PRESENT - and we believe that being PRESENT means we are grounded enough to feel the full spectrum of our emotions. With this in mind we have integrated uplifting and grounding energies in this bottle to help the expansion of your sacred vessel through inner work. Created under new moon phases, this essence is the perfect magick to help you unravel your truths with new beginnings. The following energies will be providing support with your spiritual journey on the planet Earth:


We have infused the energy of Kundalini, the beautiful Serpent (Quechua: Sachamama) to teach us the lesson to shed our skin, while providing strong protection and energy to burn your untruth. 


Archangel Michael & Sekhmet
Archangel Michael's energy has also been infused in this essence to help you strengthen the protection - to rediscover the potential of your own solar plexus, where your beautiful inner power centre is located. We have also infused Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet's energy for passion and courage during transition. They will carry you through times when you feel you need support.


Eagle & Dolphin
Further, we have invoked the energies of Eagle and dolphins in the spray. Eagle is one of our favourite totems, it does not only help you see from higher perspectives, but also help you see with clarity and precision. Dolphin teaches us the union of spirituality and physicality, with the balance of masculine and feminine energies, a strong connection with Sirius and the Lemuria; one high in the sky and one deep in the sea, we believe that they are the best energies to bring harmony into your field.


Channeled symbols Infused

Lyran:   Grounding, Ascending, Kundalini, 5D Terra, shedding skin

Grounding, Ascending, Kundalini, 5D Terra, shedding skin

        Arcturian:   Balance, Freedom, Relaxation


Balance, Freedom, Relaxation



Channeled Light code

The color light codes printed on the label were created specially for the PRESENT essence, these codes are exactly the energy of the essence, but expressed in symbols and colours. These codes are provided by the benevolent Lyrans, Sirians, Arcturians and Maldeckians.

You are welcome to feel the codes for the full benefit.


Suggested use for the essence:

  • Spray over your energy field before meditation to help you explore your shadows with courage and protection
  • Use as a sacred offering to Mother Earth and nature spirits in ceremonies.
  • Spray over the sacred space where you work with your clients before and after sessions.
  • Whenever you wish to shower your aura, especially when you have been to busy environments such as hospitals, shopping centres, office environments.
  • Use to cleanse your crystals and home space.
  • Support for empaths and star children when feeling overwhelmed by energies or crowds. It provides protection.
  • Help star children and people who feel they are not human to stay on earth (less 'homesickness')
  • Provide support during transition, safely guided by Great Serpent to shed the past which no longer serves your highest purposes.
  • Just set your intention right before spraying to amplify the quality you want!


Sea water, Witch Hazel, Australian Bush Flower Essence (Purifying), 100% Pure Clove Buds Essential Oil, 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil, 100% Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil


We suggest 50ml because it is easy to carry
If you will put this at home or use for sessions we suggest 100ml


AU$45 + shipping

AU$25 + shipping